Light For The City is focused on sharing the love of Jesus among the Chinese speaking people of Macau through a partnership with the local church.



H.I. Class English Fellowship

The "H.I." stands for Hospitality Industry but signifies so much more. Providing a warm and welcoming community for people to learn and practice conversational English is key in these classes. Lessons are held during the week at times convenient to the life needs of the students. Each lesson is a stand-alone topic so students can join as their schedule allows. 

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China Macau Theological Education Center

Focusing on a continuing education opportunity for adults, the C.M.T.E.C. provides theological, pastoral, music, cultural and language classes. The Certificate in Christian Growth and the Certificate in Bible Knowledge are but two of our offerings.

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Macau Baptist Church

This historic congregation continues to provide a vibrant and challenging witness to the city of Macau. Worship services are held in Cantonese (11:00 am Sunday) and Mandarin (8:00 pm Saturday). Bible study is available for all ages (9:30 am Sunday) in Cantonese. There is an adult English study Sunday morning as well.

H.I. Class English Fellowship


A Place to learn with friends

H.I. Class English Fellowship provides a safe, low pressure environment for adult E.S.L. students to learn and practice English conversation with native English speakers. Classes are held 3 days per week at times designed to accommodate the work schedules of the students. Each class is a stand alone lesson so that students can join class as often or as little as their schedule allows. In addition to topical and work focused lessons, there is a monthly special event. These events are designed to be fun and often include food. Family, friends and co-workers are always welcome. Every Wednesday afternoon, the lesson comes from a Bible passage that the students can read and discuss.


China Macau Theological Education Center


China Macau

theological education center


Providing a variety of educational opportunities for adults in Macau. From Bible Studies to I.E.L.T.S. preparation classes, we hope to help you accomplish your goals for learning. Please feel free to contact us for more information or visit us at our Macau Location to sign up for courses today.

Address: Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, No. 41

白馬行 41 號


Macau Baptist Church


The First baptist church in macau...

Macau Baptist got its start in 1904 with the baptism of five local believers. Through good times and bad MBC has served the people of Macau and southern China through proclamation of the Gospel, education and social ministries. Today MBC stands in the heart of downtown Macau as a witness to the reality of Jesus Christ. Worship services are held in Cantonese on Sunday morning, Mandarin on Saturday night. English Bible study is available on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. 

Light For the City has been blessed to partner with MBC since 2008. As the local partner with Light For The City, MBC provides much appreciated classroom and office space for the weekday ministries.


Macau Visitor Information

Macau Welcomes You! We hope your visit will be meaningful, encouraging and comfortable. Macau is a modern city that operates on a 24 hour schedule. Most anything you might need during your stay can be found, sometimes easily and sometimes only with a careful search. The city is clean, safe and friendly for visitors. The pace of life in Macau is slower than Hong Kong providing for a more relaxed atmosphere and environment. We hope you have a wonderful visit. Below is some information you might find helpful. 

Useful Websites:

TurboJet Ferry Service


Macau International Airport


Hong Kong International Airport to Macau


Macau Tourism Department


Macau Language(s)





Macau Currency

Macau uses the MOP (exchange rate is approximately MOP8.00 to US$1.00. Many shops and restaurants will also accept HK$’s and Chinese RMB but at a 1:1 ratio. They will not make adjustments for the different currencies. Money can be exchanged upon arrival at the Macau International Airport, the Hong Kong Macau Ferry terminal as well as at local banks and money exchange sites.

Macau Time Zone

Same as Beijing/Hong Kong — +8 hours Greenwich Mean Time

Mobile Phone and Data Service Providers

SIM cards can be purchased from vending machines upon arrival in Macau at the Macau International Airport or the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal. CTM provides Wi-Fi hotspots around the city and on public buses.

CTM Macau 4G+ Prepaid Card (IDD/Roaming)


CTM - Prepaid Social Card


MOP 98.00 for 30 days of unlimited data

3 Macau - Prepaid data and voice SIM cards


Macau phone code is +853

Public Bus Service


There are three different bus companies providing service in Macau. The fare is the same for each company. Buses accept exact change (coins or bills) only. A bus card can be purchased from certain 7-11 Shops around Macau. For visits of more than a week, the bus card is a good option. There is a smart phone option if you are interested. Find more information at

Taxi Service


Curb side pick up is available but difficult to find at times. The taxis are black with a white top.

There is one taxi service that does reservation pick up. The taxis can be reserved by calling +853 2881-2345


Attire in Macau is generally casual. With the exception of a brief winter period (January – March), the weather is hot and humid. Clothing should be light but modest.  Shorts are acceptable as well as jeans. Men should bring slacks and women may want to bring a skirt or dress slacks for church. You will do a lot of walking in Macau so bring comfortable shoes. In the cooler months (December – March), a light jacket may be needed. You may also want a light rain poncho or umbrella. Again, we suggest you make a special effort to pack light.


Food of all styles (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese) is easily found within a few minutes walk of most locations in Macau. Asian and Western snacks (candy, soft drinks, chips, cookies, etc.) and fast food options (McDonalds, K.F.C., Starbucks, Pacific Coffee) are also available. For those with a healthier mindset, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the local fresh market.


Bottled water is inexpensive (US$0.50 for 750 ml/25 oz.) and widely available. The local tap water is treated but we recommend only drinking boiled water.

Electrical Devices 

Currency in HK & Macau is 220V, 50 cycles AC. Most modern devices come with a power converter (electric razors, hairdryers, camera battery chargers, laptop power cords, etc.) but please check before you plug that smart phone in to be charged. The majority of power outlets in Macau are of the Type G style (three square prongs - same as Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.) Plug adaptors (not converters) are available here to deal with different socket configurations as needed.



Your hotel or guest house should have in room WiFi available. If you bring your smart phone, make sure to disable data roaming before leaving your local area or you will find yourself owing a huge fee. If you have a phone that is unlocked, SIM cards can be purchased in Macau for data and used to call locally and via IDD. The cheapest way to contact family is via a VOIP service such as Skype where WiFi is available. (please see above for information on purchase of SIM cards).


Bring your camera. Macau has many good photo opportunities and taking photos of the people you meet will help you tell the story when you get back home. While you are in Macau, enjoy being a tourist as it is a lovely city.


Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, some deodorant, feminine products, etc. are available if needed. But don’t count on always being able to find that special brand you like.


Please bring all the prescription medication you need. General over-the-counter medications are available. Mosquito repellant is available. Macau has two hospitals and multiple clinics if you need good primary care.


Macau is in the sub-tropics and as such, the sunlight can be stronger than your home causing some people to easily sunburn. A comfortable hat and sunglasses may be useful if you are spending large amounts of time outside.

Macau Meteorological Society - Local Weather


Souvenirs and Gifts

As Macau is a popular tourist destination, there are many local souvenir shops that sell ready packaged food items unique to Macau. These are available in a variety of packaging and price points.